Headquartered in Ibaraki, Japan, Trust Kikaku Co., Ltd. is a supplier of new/used parts for sports cars, especially GT-R.
We have over 18 years of experience business exporting the highest quality parts from Japan and around the world. We are dedicated in providing top quality, high performance JDM products to our customers.
Our vision is not only to provide a great product but also to show commitment to our valued customers through our professional services, and our fast and guaranteed deliveries to anywhere across Japan and internationally.



Trust Kikaku serves variety parts to our customers such as OEM, aftermarket, high-performance and racing quality items.
We also do exporting all over the world with safety air shipping or 20’/40′ containers.
Our mainly business is GT-R but also have multiple parts stocks of other JDM sports car.
We do our best to find the best quality parts and solutions for You.

TKGT Cars – Our first step on western soil

Since we always want to be close to our customers, we decided to branch out to the west, starting from sunny California! This new shop, TKGT Cars, will make it even easier for our American customers to get their fill of JDM and Trust Kikaku goods. Starting mainly with Nissan OEM and Nismo products, we plan to expand our lineup gradually, so make sure to visit us every now and then to see what changed!

Please also feel free to let us know if you are looking for a product not listed on our page since we might be able to source it from Japan.