In what condition are your vehicles?

All of our vehicles are running, but not all of them are in perfect condition. The condition varies from vehicle to vehicle. Please be aware, that the vehicles are being sold “as-is”, so you purchase the vehicle in its current state.

Do you fix the vehicles before selling them?

Vehicles are generally sold “as-is”, meaning that we do not perform any repairs. However, we do some basic maintenance like for example changing the fluids (engine & transmission oil, brake fluid etc.). The vehicles run and can be driven in their current state. Any additional repairs are to be made by the Buyer after the purchase.

Are your vehicles legal in the USA?

All of our vehicles will be shipped to the USA after they turn 25 – once 25 years passes from the vehicle’s build date it becomes exempt from federal FMVSS safety regulations as well as EPA emission regulations, making it legal to IMPORT to the US. This does NOT mean that they are automatically legal to drive, or that you will be able to register the car. The regulations vary from state to state, so please make sure to check this before deciding to purchase.

The car is damaged/not working, can I get a refund?

The vehicles are sold “as-is” and we generally do not perform any major repairs. Please make sure to check the vehicle’s condition on the sales page and go through the videos and pictures carefully. If you have any doubts, we are more than happy to answer any questions you have in regard to the vehicle.
Once the purchase is finalized, we do not accept cancellations, returns or refunds. We will not take responsibility for any damage that might have been made to the vehicle during shipping. Please decide to purchase only after considering all of the above.

Am I allowed to have the vehicle inspected by a professional?

All customers are welcome to bring a mechanic to inspect the vehicle. As a note: We do not currently have an operational lift but the inspecting party is welcome to bring their own jack and inspect the undercarriage.


How will the car be shipped from Japan?

Our vehicles are shipped either on RORO (Roll on/Roll off) ships or in
shipping containers. The shipping method depends on the vehicle. The cost is included in the vehicle price and we will let you know which method will be used to ship the vehicle you purchased.

Will the car be shipped directly to my address or to a port?

We offer the below shipping options:

• Direct
shipping to your address – first, we will ship the vehicle from Japan to our location in California. After it arrives there, we will ship it out to your address via a car hauling service (the cost of continental shipping in the US is NOT included in the vehicle price and is to be settled separately). We will take care of the import procedures and hand you the import documents.

• California
pick-up – we will ship the vehicle from Japan to our location in California, where you can come to pick it up directly (please be aware, that the vehicle will not be registered and you will not be able to drive it away – you will need to come with a tow truck etc.) We will take care of the import procedures and hand you the import documents.

• Shipping
to a port near you – this option is available ONLY in case you own a
business and are able to go through the import procedures yourself
, OR if your preferred auto (repair/tuning/restore) shop can take care of it on your behalf.
We can ship the vehicle from Japan to a port of your choice. We will send you/your shop the documentation necessary to import the vehicle, but we will
not take care of the procedure itself. You will also be responsible for transporting the vehicle from the port to your location.

The car was damaged during shipping! Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for any possible damage caused after we ship out the vehicle. We do not offer partial/total refunds in case something happens to the vehicle during shipping. All damage complaints should be submitted to the company delivering the vehicle immediately upon arrival. We recommend documenting as much information as possible in order to receive the necessary help from the delivering agency.


Will I be able to register the car in the USA?

It depends on the state you live in. The regulations vary from state to state, and while it’s easier to do in some states (for example Florida), it might be more difficult or even impossible in others (for example California).
The vehicle will be imported legally and you will receive the import documents as well as a Japanese vehicle export certificate, which are necessary to obtain a US title, but the rest depends on the specific regulations in your state.

Can you register the vehicle for me?

We will send you the necessary import documents, but we do not offer any assistance with obtaining a title or registering the vehicle. Depending on the
state which you are living in, state regulations might make it almost impossible to register the vehicle (in California for example), so please make
sure to verify your local laws and regulations before making the purchase.


Do you offer financing?

We do not offer any form of direct financing at the moment. We need to receive the full amount for the vehicle before we can ship it to the buyer.
Buyers are more than welcome to seek financing options through their bank or a third party such as LightStream, Woodside Credit, Premier Financial Services, etc. Please note that we are in NO way affiliated with these companies and do not receive any form of financial compensation from them whatsoever. It is the customer’s responsibility to research and find the solution that is best for them.

TK GT CARS USA LTD is not responsible for any relationship between the buyer and the financing party. This is NOT financial and should not be taken as such.

 What kind of payment methods areavailable?

The preferred method is wire transfer, but we might accept other payment methods as well. Please let us know how you would like to pay and we will see if we can arrange it that way.


Are your cars already in the USA?

It depends, some are already in the US and can be seen at our California
shop. Others are still in Japan and will be imported to the States upon
purchase. Please check the “US Inventory” tab for vehicles that are already in the US and the “Japan Inventory” tab for cars that are yet to be imported.

Can I ask you to look for a specific car I’m after on auctions etc.?

Sorry but we do not offer such a service. We pick up the cars that will be exported to the US based on their general state, mileage, as well as the modifications they underwent. Looking for a specific car that would also meet all of our criteria would take the time and manpower we cannot spare at the
moment. We hope for your understanding.

Do you have any cheap GT-Rs?

We are afraid there is no such thing as a “cheap” GT-R right now. You
can find all of our available stock on the “Inventory” pages. If you cannot
find anything that would suit your budget, we would advise to come back later, as the inventory will be updated as soon as we have any new cars to offer.